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About Us

Biocare Medical Company Limited is a forward looking ,strategically driven Pharmaceutical firm.
Our Aim is to produce a zero defect product and all our system should act as filter at all levels to ensure that all our products are of good quality and fulfill the individual requirement of our Customer.
Biocare Medical Company Limited markets an extensive range of well known brands in a broad range of therapeutic classes in Over the counter (OTC),Branded and generic prescription. In addition to our Brands,the company also markets well known international brands on behalf of our strategic partners.Biocare Medical Company Limited invests in the development and marketing of our brands ,as well as ensuring that our marketing skills are world class through our in-house Marketing Academy.
We commit to providing safe, efficacious and relevant medications to our consumers whilst providing healthcare practitioner with relevant product information to help them make the right choice in medication.
As an international company ,we have stakeholders in many different markets.Our strict complaince with the relevant regulations ensure that we maintain our promise to each of them.